The Extent of the Noetic Effect of Sin

The Noetic Effect of Sin refers to the effect of sin after the fall in Genesis 3 on man’s ability to reason. This theological phrase roots itself in the Scripture in verses such as Romans 1:21 and 1 Corinthians 2:14. As sin entered the world through Adam, it corrupted every part of man. Everything from his physical being to his relationship to God was marred. It then follows, as we read in Romans 1:21, that man’s full ability to use our God given gift to reason is also affected by the corruption of sin. While most theologians agree on the doctrine of the Noetic Effect of Sin, many apologists differ on the extent of it. As with all subjects of theology, two extremes can be found on the extent

Faith and Epistemology

What is the extent of knowledge? How does one come to know something? Are there things we know intrinsically without having to experience first-hand? All of these questions, and many more, can be categorized under the heading of Epistemology. Epistemology, simply put, is the study of knowing. Throughout church history, there have been many thoughts as to how epistemology relates to our faith in Jesus. In other words, what is required to have what we call “faith”? Can we reduce faith to simply another epistemological category, an acknowledgement of truths? Recently, I read Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Contra gentiles. When reading the thoughts of Thomas Aquinas, it is evident that he was a very capa

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