Meet The Team

Michael Badger 

Michael is an ordained minister, has his degree in Intercultural Theology and Mission Practice, and has experience working in church plants in Germany and Ireland. He is also the director of Truth for Doubt Ministries. He loves spending time with his family, reading, and hiking. 

Kayla Badger 

Kayla Badger is an elementary school and English as a Foreign language teacher. She has worked alongside church plants in Germany and Ireland, and has a degree in Bible and Theology from Johnson University. Kayla enjoys walking outside, eating frozen mango, and spending time with her husband, Michael, and baby boy, Rowan. 

Dr. Ethan Hundley

Ethan Hundley is husband, father, and family medicine physician. He has been involved in worship ministry and leadership to children, youth, college, and adult ministries. He is excited about investing more heavily in convocational ministry while also working as a full time physician. He has a passion for worship and enjoys discovering new music, movies, and books.

Lacey Hundley

Lacey Hundley is a stay at home mother and wife to Ethan Hundley. She has a master’s degree in Speech Pathology, and she has worked in pediatric outpatient speech therapy. She has served in children’s, youth, worship, and social media ministries. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, and traveling. 

Paul Wilson 

Paul is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science is Nursing. Paul has also worked as a youth leader in church and has been a leader of bible studies and small groups. Paul enjoys reading, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife Katie, daughter Avery, and baby son Caleb.

Katie Wilson 

Katie Wilson has worked as an elementary teacher, librarian, and is a mom of two. She has experience working with youth groups and children’s ministries. Katie enjoys making memories with family and friends, visiting cool coffee shops, and movie nights 

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