Book Review: The Logic of God by Ravi Zacharias

I have had the honor of being asked to write a review of Ravi Zacharias’ new devotional, The Logic of God. Ravi Zacharias is an internationally known Christian apologist who has written numerous books, won the Evangelical Christian Publisher Association’s Golden Medallion Book Award, and is the founder and chairman of RZIM. To give you a brief idea of The Logic of God before I dive into my review, here is the description that was provided to me:

“Jesus Christ alone answers our deepest questions.

We all have doubts that challenge our faith. We wonder whether the Bible still matters, or whether God is truly as loving and personal as we hope. In his first ever devotional, The Logic of God, apologist Ravi Zacharias offers 52 readings that explain how and why Christianity, the Bible, and God are still relevant, vital, and life-changing for us today. To all our dilemmas Ravi says, "I am convinced that Jesus Christ alone uniquely answers the deepest questions of our hearts and minds."

With a remarkable grasp of biblical facts and a deep understanding of the questions that trouble our hearts, Ravi tackles the most difficult topics with ease and understanding. But The Logic of God is more than intellectual; it is also personal, offering thoughtful wisdom on:

  • when Jesus draws especially near you.

  • the deep ray of hope found in God's Word.

  • how God transforms disappointments.

  • why prayer matters.

  • how genuine peace is possible.

  • making sense of suffering.

Ravi makes profound biblical truth easy to understand. And if your life is busy, this book is designed for you! It addresses 52 topics that you can read over the course of one year or slowly digest at your own pace. Each entry includes a Scripture, questions for reflection, and some practical application steps.

When you're struggling with questions and doubts, confused, curious, or just want a clearer way to express your faith The Logic of God has answers that satisfy the heart and the mind.”

The Logic of God. I believe that title can sound like an oxymoron for two types of people. The first being those who believe that believing in God is anything but logical! In fact, for this group, believing in God is tantamount to blasphemy in the face of the leaps and bounds human reasoning took during the Enlightenment. For the other group, logic is unnecessary when it comes to the topic of faith. In fact, logic can simply get in the way of our relationship with God.

No matter if you are in the first group, the second group, or somewhere in between, The Logic of God is a devotional that allows us to see the beautiful reality that logic is not an enemy of God, but a gift that flows from Him. Logic, in this light, is not some cold, impersonal set of rules. Instead, it is a loving design from our creator, pointing to His reality. Christianity, then, is not something that we simply wish to be true, but it is anchored in truth with the gift of logic always leading back to its Source. Ravi grounds this truth by adding corresponding verses from Scripture at the beginning of each week’s devotional.

In this devotional, Ravi does a wonderful job of displaying how the logic of God and His Word relates to every aspect of our lives. A good example of this is in week 24. This week is titled, “From Proximate To Personal”. In this devotion, Ravi tells a story of his wife, Margie, having an unbelievably difficult conversation with another woman as she was getting a pictured framed. The conversation, which began as a simple exchange about children, ended with the woman with whom Margie was speaking with expressing the pain and loss she was feeling over the loss of her two children. The woman at the shop as was having to watch her very own sister go through the process of losing a child as well. Eventually, a relationship formed between this woman and the Zacharias’ and they had the privilege of praying with and comforting her. Ravi relates this to the story of the woman at the well in John 4 and explains how Jesus is the answer to the pain and sufferings of this world.

If you were worried that this was going to be a devotional filled with cold facts and emotionless evidences, then you will be relieved. What I described in the previous paragraph was just one of many stories given by Ravi Zacharias in The Logic of God. If you are a fan of Ravi, then you know how he weaves powerful and relevant stories into his apologetic arguments. This devotional is no different. While there are several apologists who can give you the primary arguments for the existence of God, few can incorporate the power of story quite like Ravi. As I said, in The Logic of God Ravi uses stories to exemplify why the principals found in each devotion truly matters to your life.

At the end of each week’s devotional, there are four questions broken up into two categories: Reflection and Personal Application. The reflection questions invite us to think deeper on the devotional. Many of the questions throughout the devotional were very thought provoking, while some were simply asking you to recall a list of principles that were given in that particular devotion. I found the personal application questions (though there were personal applications that were not questions), if truly considered and pondered, to be very helpful. What is so great about the personal application is that it helps you take the concepts presented in the devotion and see how you can incorporate them into your day to day experiences. I believe this aspect of devotionals can be overlooked. Many people, including myself at time, will simply read a devotion, agree with what it says and almost instantly forget that which it espoused. But can we truly say we believe something without it influencing the way in which we live our lives? I think not.

This logic mixed with theology, love, and real-world application method runs throughout The Logic of God. I found this not only helpful in my attempts to logically apply the truth of Scripture to my own life, but it gave me deeper insight on how I might bring the love of Jesus to others as well. This makes The Logic of God not only a fantastic devotional, but a powerful apologetic tool that I would recommended to any Christian who is interested in thinking deeply on how they can share the logical truths of God.

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