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Our Mission

Our family will be moving to Burlington, Vermont this fall to join a church planting team. We will be partnering with New King Church in Burlington to serve and be mentored before starting the beginning stages of our church plant. Our mission is to plant a Gospel centered church which seeks to multiply by making disciples and raising up local leaders. We are looking forward to building relationships with people in Vermont, making disciples, and serving alongside fellow believers. 

Our Call

God has revealed himself and his desires for us in ways we could not have imagined a year ago. Moving across the country to be part of a church plant was never the plan we had for our lives. However, in the summer of 2019, God woke us up. Woke us out of the stupor of our comfortable, cookie-cutter lives where we were chasing the "American Dream", knowingly or not. We were lacking passion for God's people, losing sight of the urgency of the gospel, and seeking security instead of radical obedience to our Savior. Our gracious God humbled us with the realization that if we were living like we truly believed the Bible, our lives would look very different. He made us discontent with our passive Christian lives and called us to take action. We weren't sure what that would look like, but for the first time we completely surrendered our lives and our family fully to the will of God without reservation.

 As it happens, some of our dearest friends and fellow church members were planning on church planting in Vermont the following year. Vermont is the least Christian state in the country, with only 5% of the population claiming to be Bible believing, evangelical Christians. Vermont desperately needs Gospel centered missionaries to share the news of Jesus. We began seriously praying about the possibility that God was calling us to join the church planting team in Vermont. After going on a vision trip to Vermont in December 2019 (hence the snowy picture above), God made it clear that this is where he wanted us. We felt compelled to be a part of the awesome work he is already doing in this spiritually dark area of our country. 


Fast forward a year and another kid later, we are following in obedience and preparing for our move to Vermont. Our plan is to move in the fall of 2020 with Paul working full time and serving as an elder in the church plant and Katie caring for Avery and Caleb at home and volunteering with the church plant. We both look forward to serving with the members of New King Church and being mentored in our prospective roles for the church plant. 

Our Need 

We cannot fulfill this mission alone. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us. You can do this through prayer and/or financially. This will be a big transition for our family and we will be moving to an area with a much higher cost of living than where we currently live. There will also be funds needed for ministry and the church plant. 

Click below for details on how to partner with us financially and sign up for our newsletter.  

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